Eric Anders Releases A Strong Political Statement With “This Fire Has Burned Too Long” “Music Video

Music has a variety of purposes. Above all, it’s a form of expression, and it can be an expression of anything. Thoughts, love, comfort, and even political ideals. Folk/rock/Americana singer-songwriter Eric Anders does just that in the music video for the track “This Fire Has Burned Too Long” from his album Eleven Nine. The album name draws back to the day Trump was elected president in the U.S., serving as a criticism for the current political climate.

Garnering praise from Tune Collective and Middle Tennessee Music, “Anders’ “video for ‘This Fire Has Burned Too Long’ is a compelling visual exploration of the song’s core ideas. Playing on disturbing historical imagery presented alongside more contemporary footage, the video plainly illustrates the constance of racism and bigotry in America.”

Eleven Nine has a defined folk style with notes of classic rock—something akin to Neil Young, Paul Simon, David Gray, and Nick Drake—one that you wouldn’t necessarily attribute to a politically charged message (but there is certainly a driving narrative here; one listen proves it). His band consists of Andrew Rudd on drums, Stephen Baldock on bass, Tyler Nuffer on electric guitar and lap steel, Aaron Otheim on piano, and Anika Reichert on backing vocals. Anders started up his songwriting and recording career in his late thirties, releasing four CDs in as many years: Not At One (2003), Songs For Wayward Days (2004), More Regrets (2005) and Tethered to the Ground (2006). He later released Remains In Me (2011) after taking a break to start a family, and then Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders five years later.

Now, Anders passionately describes his 2017 release as his “patriot act … Though it had been five years since Remains In Me—my last project where I worked on original songs—I was able to write three new songs for Eleven Nine—‘Inside the Sacrifice Zone,’ ‘Do You Feel,’ and ‘This Fire has Burned Too Long’—with my long-time producer and friend, Matt Brown, Greg Gallardo and my talented young nephew, Tyler Nuffer. Tyler was the primary guitarist throughout the production process for Eleven Nine. Tyler collaborated on writing, worked up demos, and played many forms of guitar on the album: acoustic, electric, lap steel and slide.

“I have partnered with Lambda Legal on Eleven Nine and all album proceeds will be going to Lambda in support of the important work they do: ‘the oldest and largest national legal organization whose mission is to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work.’”

Currently, Anders is working on another upcoming album entitled Home. He claims “It won’t be political, even though my home of America feels less a home … ‘and I’m not alone’ as it goes in my song ‘Do You Feel.’” Keep an eye out for it, and be sure to check out all of Eric Anders’ music and social media sites, linked below!

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