Escape From The Dominatrixes With The Payson Lewis’ New Video, “Better Run”

Philadelphia born, Los Angeles based indie pop artist Payson Lewis, who has been featured on sites such as Mashable and The Huffington Post for his Taylor Swift song covers and a n original mash-up rendition of Rihanna’s “Work” and Zayn’s “Pillow Talk,” has recently come out with his most recent single titled “Better Run” with a corresponding video.

The song is about how Lewis is fighting against the dominating control that his lover has over him, hence the dominatrix imagery in the video. He eventually regains his control and, like his lover, plans to go back and hunt them down. He threatens them with the line, “unless you have a gun then you better run.”

The song itself has a catchy beat, one that will reel you in, like how Lewis’s lover catches him, attempting to overpower him throughout their relationship. The beat constantly moves in a similar pattern to how someone would walk or run. It is not a stable beat, changing at certain parts of the song, seeming to also represent the unstable foundation that their relationship lies on and their struggle for a power balance, with Lewis stating, “You think you had control. Can never have it though.”

Once Lewis gets out of the relationship, the battle for control is in his hands. There is no sign of surrender. The only way their relationship will end is violently; “We’re just two animals this ending was inevitable.” Throughout the song, there is no sense of love between them, only the instincts to defend themselves and keep their sense of control through severe measures. As Lewis states, “Love should never make you load your gun.”

The message, hidden underneath the pop overtones, is one of an emotionally abusive relationship that both sides are participating in with no signs of an amicable ending. I feel it represents how people in this situation present an artificial picture of pure bliss when it is truly pure hell. Listen to Payson Lewis’s single “Better Run,” a pop song with an edge to it, and check out his other social media platforms as well.

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