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Esmé Releases A Powerful Statement With “Doubtmouth”

Martha Meredith, lead singer of For Esmé, shares that her LP, Righteous Woman, will be out May 25, but for now she can only share “Righteous Woman” off of it.

To begin “Doubtmouth” has a catchy melody and powerful lyrics that hold so much meaning. It pushes the limits of pop music to embrace beauty while testing an exchange of identity and inner voice.

“My forthcoming LP, “Righteous Woman”, is a feminist awakening and excavation of the voices within. As I worked to uncover my own internalized misogyny and to interrogate the things I repress and overthink, I simultaneously researched. I read studies about the effects of self-objectification and catcalling, the cultural bias towards female anger, what creates a gender-based confidence gap and more. I wanted to explore the themes of trying to be a modern, progressive, open-minded woman, and all the challenges that come along with that, especially that of confronting one’s own privilege. I found the exploration at times painful and isolating — realizing how much people prefer the comfort of the status quo.” Says Martha.

As stated before the lyrics are so power, “He said it sounds like you’ve got something to prove’ And I said maybe”. These lyrics show that Martha has something to prove to this guy, who seems to be doubting her. Martha has said that she has worked with sexism in the music industry and has had many difficulties of dealing with it.

It can be said that ‘Doubtmouth’ faces dealing with repeatedly being labeled “too combative” and “too confident”. But being defined as these characteristics has set the bar high for this musician. Many girls can relate to this song because they feel empowered, many women try to prove men wrong on a daily basis. It is good that an artist with such talent has taken the experience that she has been trough and put it in a song.

Again, For Esmé’s LP, “Righteous Woman”, is out May 25 and I am sure that it will be worth the wait for listeners.


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