Everafter Takes Us Back To Nostalgic Rock Videos With “Over You Tonight”

In an age where rock music has been reduced to mainstream alternative pop, a band like Everafter is a gem for all classic rock fans. The band have given classic rock a whole new meaning. Everafter have added their own twist on the classic rock we all know and have created their own distinguishable sound.

The band’s latest single “Over You Tonight” is an extraordinary sample of the band’s sound as well as what to expect from their highly anticipated second album. “Over You Tonight” is a unique take on the rock genre. The single reflects all the wonderful talents of the 3 band members, the beautiful vocals paired the flawlessly played bass.

The band paired their single with a highly innovative music video. The video lacks any extravagance, in fact its over simplicity with the use of dated graphics is what makes it memorable and unique. It gives the audience an undeniable feeling of nostalgia, much like the band’s sound,

Everafter is the band that we all needed to remind us of the beauty of the classic rock of the past and we can’t wait to hear more from them.

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Salma Almed

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