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Exclusive Interview: Synth-Pop Duo Mount Zion Sits Down with Us to Talk About Their New Single “I|L|Y”



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Listening to Mount Zion one gets a feeling that they have yet to tell their full story. They want to be discovered for the honest sound that they bring to the music scene. They are unwilling to compromise their sound for commercialism. This uncompromising dedication to their craft is not so new, but the sound may be. So sit back, read on, then listen with an ear favored to the sound Mount Zion wishes to be known for.


JM: Can you share with our readers how Mount Zion came to be?

MZ: We met in our freshman year of college and basically decided we wanted to make honest music!


JM: How did you find your particular sound?

MZ: Well when we decided to start the project we realized that we really wanted to write in a genre

that was universal in the sense that we could convey not only sadness or pain but also joy. As we

experimented in song writing with different genres we eventually settled with where we are now.


JM: You have mentioned that your background keeps you accountable, what does that mean

to your music? 

MZ: It means that whatever we are going to write and make public to people who like our music will

be coming from a place of honesty. We are not writing songs based off of made up stories or

experiences that will make us look super cool. Our primary goal is to be honest with our

audience and maybe even convince people that our lives are not perfect either.


JM: Does the title of this song, “I|L|Y”, have any specific significance or meaning?

MZ: Yes! It means “I Love You”. As I started to grow up and come to my own, I found myself

missing what was familiar such as my old house, school, friends, parents, neighborhood and at

times I would refer to them as if they were an actual singular being. So I|L|Y is really just a

way of telling my past and everything that used to be so familiar to me that I miss it and still care

for it.


JM: How did this EP come about?

MZ: It is kind of like therapy more or less. It was a way for both Cole and I to get out thoughts about

what is going on in our lives at the time and now that we are almost done tracking the entire EP

it is amazing to look back on it and be able to see how we processed all those emotions.


JM: What can fans expect from this EP?

MZ: There are a couple love songs on the EP so be prepared for some tone changes!


JM: You have expressed religious undertones in your art; how do you feel that this effects

how music is received?

MZ: I think it definitely turns away some people who think we are going to smash them over the head

with religion but that is the furthest from who we are. A lot of the people who have come up to

us after shows ask us if we are religious and are sometimes surprised when we tell them yes;

mainly because we are so willing to be real about life, not only in our music but in conversation.

So, there are pros and cons to it but we are more concerned with staying true to who we are

as people and we feel as though people deserve to know the real us and not just the stage version

of ourselves.


JM: How important do you feel it is for music to also have a message?

MZ: This is so important! Music evokes emotion whether it is an aria or a bumping club beat and that

being said, sometimes you do not even need words to get the message across. With that we are starting to see more and more people in general tend to bottle themselves up. Sometimes it is because they’ve been hurt to many times or they are just afraid to feel. For some reason, without a doubt, music has always been that tool that gets them to open up. That being said, the music that is communicated through songwriting can have a severe impact on someone’s life and for us, as Mount Zion, knowing they take our writing very seriously helps us stay focused. We know whatever song we write could give us a three-minute window into a person’s life.

JM: Can you define what you mean by “lyrical wisdom”?

MZ: We see lyrical wisdom as ideas that we have encountered through other music we have

listened to and are doing our best to expound on in our own music!


JM: You have a very unique sound and message to create a new niche in your genre, where

would you like to see Mount Zion in the future of the music industry?

MZ: We would love to see Mount Zion signed to a label and on a US tour. We love meeting new people and encountering new ideas and music, so that would be a dream for us. We also love writing with other artists in different genres so we would look forward to that as well.



Now that you have met Mount Zion, tune into their music and get to know their all-encompassing sound. The group has a distinct look, feel, and voice that will have you thinking about them long after you have turned them down for the night. A group that is willing to share and collaborate even across all genres can be a welcome boon to the record business. Do not let the “good guy” persona push you away though; their sound has a lot to offer, maybe even something for the most extreme listener.


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