Falcon Janes Deals With The Struggle Of Grief With “The News”

Tackling an issue that many of us seem to struggle with, Falcon Jane tells us why dealing with grief is so difficult in their latest single “The News”. The song tells the story of an unexpected loss and navigating through life in its aftermath.

The News” is about losing someone you love and trying to find them amidst the dense, emotional fog of grief,” said Sara May of Falcon Jane.

The Canadian indie rock group manage to address all eight stages of grief in their new track. At the beginning of the song, Sara May sings over the soft riffs of a guitar about being unable to cope with the sudden loss of a loved one. As the song progresses, Sara May comes to grips with the fact that her loved one is gone.

“The News” does not only address how difficult grief can be but also natural disasters.

“There have been severe floods in my community over the last year. One of the last ones swelled the Grand River, washing a little boy out of his mother’s arms,” said Sara May. “There are a lot of commonalities between “The News” and this boy’s story. When the next flood hit, I couldn’t help but try to capture some of what my community and I had been collectively feeling.”

Falcon Jane accomplishes one of the most difficult tasks we face in life through their raw and uncut lyrics. The calm and beautiful rhythms of the track matched with the acknowledgment and expression of grief are what make “The News” so powerful.

“I hope it can help aid those who are grieving by reflecting some of the complicated emotions we are feeling,” Sara May added.

Listen to “The News” on Soundcloud.

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Falcon Jane concert dates:

June 1 – Maggiolly’s – Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival, ON

June 2 – Vibes in the Valley – Mulmur, ON

June 15 – Hillsburgh Library Opening, ON

June 26 – Monarch Tavern, Toronto, ON

July 14 – Burdock, Toronto, ON

July 27 – Monarch Tavern, Toronto, ON


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