Felix and The Future Journeys Through Dreams and Aspirations With New Album, “Holy Hands Vol. 2”

Felix and the Future is certainly the new futuristic sound of 2018. Their album Holy Hands Vol. 2 was released earlier this month. Considered surrealist, Mexican-American queer pop, it offers a unique sound similar to that of David Bowie. The entire album consists of amazing synthesizer beats with interesting lyrics pertaining to the artist’s life and inspirations. The album falls into a category all its own, perfect music for a nightclub or techno rave.

The artist draws much of their inspiration from the LGBTQ community, specifically creating songs like “schoolboy.” Falling into the specific genre of queer pop, Felix and the Future is destined to make a name for themselves in the gay community. The lead vocals for Felix considers himself a runway, an eccentric character. He is as unconventional as the music he creates and performs. The album is about his search for lost idols and prophets. Exploring the depth of his life, dreams, and aspirations.

Felix and the Future drew a crowd at their album release party January 30th in Brooklyn, where the artist is also based. He performed alongside DJ Horrorchata, the founder of Bushwig, an annual Drag and music festival that takes place in New York and New Orleans. The perfect festival for Felix and the Future’s sound. The band is more than just about the music, but the art of performing.

If you are eager to discover more about this up and coming gay techno-pop sensation, you can check out their album on Spotify.

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