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Feyer Releases Newest Single, “I Don’t Know” From Upcoming Album



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With soon to be debut album Signals Internalized on it’s way, Feyer releases new single “I Just Don’t Know” to get the ball rolling. And with giving this record a listen you’ll have nothing but anticipation for his upcoming project.  

A synth symphony and non stop heavy rhythmic percussion, “I Just Don’t Know” showcases pop alternative without sacrificing any quality whatsoever. The intricate bridge of keys on the tail end of the song, and the hints of electric guitar throughout pushes this record so far instrumentally. The lyrics on here speaks on themes of uncertainty and longing, utilizing vocal FX to distort and reverb the vocals; the breaks in the singing and the song itself add to the narrative as well.

This progressive rock track is very complex, contrasting contemplative lyrics to a fist pump inducing, melodic, pop background. It’s a great preview to his debut LP, without a doubt leaving the listener wanting more. And if all of Feyer’s Signals Internalized is as good as this single right here, it’s going to be one hell of an album.

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Clint Zephirin