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Fiance Releases Newest Single “H.A.G.S”

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Fiancé is releases to their newest single H.A.G.S, if you haven’t you need to go listen to the single on SoundCloud immediately. This young group is the indie band to watch, and the best thing to come out of Delaware since, something that has come out of Delaware…Joe Biden? Regardless, Fiancé continues their dream-like shoegazing sound on this latest release. Fiancé’s synth soaked psychedelia packed quite a pop in 2014 with their debut EP, EP1 and followed suit with their self-titled LP earlier this year. The band has five guys out of Newark, Delaware with the plan to release single after single as they are produced. The title matches the 80s like dream pop sound reflected in “h.a.g.s”, back when you would write that in your crushes yearbook, but you’re really fawning over Rick Springfield.

80s clichés aside this band has a truly unique sound and the music video teaser they’ve put on Facebook reflects the singles laid back, cool down end of summer vibe. They should definitely be on your list. Three of the guys have been playing together since high school, Andrew Fusca (vox/guitar/synth), Jeff Marvel (guitar) and Tyler Yoder (bass) the two who joined later, Sam Nobles (synth) and Brian Bruce on the drums. These hardworking guys are all working on various projects, Andrew has two solo projects Ja_n_et and Rew, Brian (drummer) plays in Robert and Gozer and Sam on the synth composes for film and television as well as having two projects with Tip Toes and Mean Lady, all of which are worth a listen and expose how truly talented these dudes are.

The band has continued to grow and develop their individual sound, continuing on with its pitch-shifted vocal sample cresting on waves of vocal reverberation, and a beautiful synthesizer with an eerily evocative trance like quality that keeps you listening and wanting more.

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