Foxes and Bones Finds “Better Land” With New Album Release

Portland, OR, based duo Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore are happy to share with us their second album, Better Land. The duo documents their experiences together in songs.

“There’s Fox, a down-and-out it girl, and Bones, a rootless orphan bad boy with a heart of gold. The two fall for each other, decide to hit the road, and never look back. The characters, as well as their real-life counterparts, use music as the canvas on which they paint a new life together that defies traditional relationship roles and life goals.” Says the Duo.

The type of genre the duo is going for is definitely a folk-pop type. You get that vibe in the first song off the album called, “Little Animal”. Their vocals tie into each other making the listener wanting more of the song.

An even better song off the album and my personal favorite is, “Love Me Like A River”. This song just draws me in, the vocals combine creating a beautiful melody. The soft guitar strings in the back are something that I love making me want more. It is an uplifting song about love and makes me overall happy listening to it.

Each song on the album captivated me, I enjoyed every single track and enjoyed reviewing this duo. They are not one to miss out on. Better Land is available on SoundCloud for all listening pleasures!

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Kristen Calderoni

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