Francois Klark Inspires With “For You” featuring Katlego Maboe & Marla Walters

Francois Klark’s “For You” ft. Katlego Maboe & Marla Walters is the perfect inspirational song for today’s chaotic world.

In a world where wars, starvation, and racism are ever present, Klark emphasizes the importance of community and selflessness in his latest track.

“During my childhood years in Potchefstroom, South Africa, I noticed that there were kids my age that had no family or home to go to,” said Klark. “I knew it was wrong and it weighed on me but, as a kid myself, I felt helpless and incapable of making a change.”

Klark took the helplessness he felt as a child and used it as the inspiration for the powerful track. Throughout the song, Klark echoes the need for humanity and compassion in our world.

The song begins with Klark chanting Zulu phrases “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, which means “a person is a person through other people” and “motho ke motho ka botho”, which means “I am because you are.” Both phrases help to capture how interconnected we are as human beings regardless of race, culture, and gender.

Through the sounds of the upbeat drums and Klark’s melodious voice, listeners can be inspired to make a change in their own communities.

Klark is not only making a change through the captivating lyrics of “For You” but also through its sales and streams.

“All sales and streaming revenue generated from “For You” will be donated to the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home (AKCH) in Potchefstroom, South Africa – an incredible organization that provides full time care to roughly 230 children, all of whom come from unfathomable circumstances,” Klark said. “You can also donate directly through our GoFundMe page, if you feel so inclined.”

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