Freedom Baby Let’s You Decide The Meaning With “My Force’

Question. Do you need to know where the song is going for it to be exceptional?

According to indie Band Freedom Baby’s new song, “My Force”, no you do not have to.

Proving producing a song without any rewrites or even a theme to go off can actually reveal meaning, Freedom Baby have written a song that effortlessly depicts a feeling of both an ending and rebirth.

The song itself starts off quiet sounding sweet and sensual whilst also sounding raw and forceful before the tempo picks up and becomes heavier.

The artists describe the song as a “… reflective of life, in that it poses many unanswered questions, asking the listener to decide its’ meaning”.

It is easy to catch this meaning, but I cannot help but feel that this song also reflects an internal battle within yourself. With relatable lyrics like “And now I’m living inside a snowy heart/ Where I am hunting for my prey in the dark/ But I’m still a prisoner to your love”, it is nearly impossible to not feel connected to the music.

Freedom Baby have written a song full of profound metaphors that help you understand the contradictive and complex nature within yourself and society as a whole. Paired with their insightful music video, which was meant to further explore this idea of the listener defining the song, the song delivers messages of life in a unique and authentic way.

If you do not believe me, listen for yourself on Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud today.

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Amy Almeida

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