Friendly Rich Puts Us In “The Melon Sun” With Zany New Music Video

Friendly Rich hails from Oakville, Canada and has become a jack of all trades in the music industry. He wears a variety of hats including composer, publisher and Doctor in Music Education.

He’s a seasoned veteran in the industry. His journey began in the 90’s as the composer for 3 seasons of The Tom Green show on MTV and as of now he has released 10 records and a book.

Friendly Rich’s current single, The Melon Sun, is extremely creative and reminiscent of Thomas Dolby’s, “She Blinded Me With Science”. It’s wonderfully zany and full of electronic synth and guitar.

The song is exciting and makes me want to wear bright colors and dance for hours! The Melon Sun is the type of upbeat and joyful song you would expect to hear on the soundtrack of every 80’s high school movie.

The music video for “The Melon Sun”, suits the song perfectly. Friendly Rich enlisted the help of Everything Is Terrible for the zany new music video. It is a compilation of many images and videos ranging from curly fries and cartoons to orchestral performances and a woman talking on the phone as a microwave replaces her head.

The Melon Sun is from Friendly Rich’s new full length studio recording The Great Blue Heron, out on September 14th, featuring Kevin Breit & Hawksley Workman. The album should be immediately added to your list of new music to watch for!

While you’re waiting for the album release, follow Friendly Rich to be updated on all new music and announcements, here!

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