G.H. Hat Gives Us A Collection Of Remixes For “I Got A Problem (I Wonder…)”

It is often very hard for an artist to be versatile in the music industry, usually artists figure out what they are best at and stick to it. Remixer G.H. Hat is a rare case of an artist, while he is best known for his work in the EDM genre, he has remixed classic, pop, rock as well as electronic music. His latest work is the single I Got a Problem (I Wonder…) featuring Mickey Shiloh, a singer and songwriter mainly known for her work with Britney Spears and Wiz Khalifa, peaked at number 4 on Billboard’s Breakouts for Dance Club Songs.

Unlike many EDM tracks with features, the feature on this track isn’t the focus point of the listener. Although the feature adds to the track, it doesn’t distract from the work of G.H. Hat. The music doesn’t appear to be a background to the featured vocals. Both the vocals and the music work perfectly together to give us this memorable track. Hat could have easily produced a generic EDM track which could have been lost in the sea of EDM tracks released every month, but he took a creative risk and released a sound new to EDM listeners, featuring catchy tunes that you won’t be able to get enough of.

G.H. Hat’s production brings something new to the EDM genre. He doesn’t only focus on the music being played in clubs in order to make crowds dance but he also makes sure that his music can be appreciated by other than EDM fans.

Listening to this track will convert anyone to a fan of the EDM genre. As it proves the misconception of that genre being loud nonsense wrong. The remixer and producer shows a more appealing side of EDM to the general public.


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Salma Almed

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