Galapaghost Raises the “Pulse” With Leading Single Off EP

The winter time is getting closer and closer by the passing days.  The leaves are dead, the weather is getting chilly, and the sun doesn’t feel as warm as it has been.  It’s a potentially very gloomy time of year, aside from the holidays, and Galapaghost brings a sound that goes almost hand in hand with the winter.  The end of the year will treat you with some rather nice listening, with his new album, Pulse. The titular single, “Pulse”, dropped December 8th, and it serves as a good introduction to a very solid collection of tracks. The rest of the album is to be released in January, and it will be a good way to start the year.

The EP opens up with the leading, titular, single, “Pulse”, and that it is honestly well placed. It gives a good indication of the mood the songs are going to follow. In my honest opinion, this is a project that is oozing with emotion. I found myself in this trance-like state, within every track. “Pulse” is about the recent massacre in Orlando, so of course it is going to convey a lot of emotion.  The next track can pack quite the punch as well.  “Jim Beam”, is talking about finding a warmth in a vice; we all have one, and it’s easy to find comfort in something. Not only, do I commend the lyric work, the instrumentation is really well done; you would not expect to find out that this is a solo project. It has an overall bluesy feel, and it puts me in mind of other acts, such as Houndmouth. I would say that my favorite track is “I Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Earth Today”.  It’s the kind of track that makes you reflect, and I cannot wait for the entire album to drop next year.

While we wait for the release, you can check out “Pulse”, along with his past projects, on Spotify and Soundcloud, along with its video on YouTube.  Follow the artist on the various social media platforms to show support, and as always, listen on!

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