Galapaghost Takes An Electronic Sound In Latest Album, “Sootie”

For his latest released album Sootie, Galapaghost shifted away from his indie sound, which he is most known for, and towards a more electronic sound.

The record was created at the shocking time period of two months and a budget of $600.

The artist, Casey Chandler, who goes by Galapaghost for his solo project is a multi talented musician, he wrote, produced, mixed and recorded every track of the album.

Sootie is a fresh take on the artist’s sound.

The title track has to be one of the most interesting songs on the album. The song has depth, from the new take on electronic music to the artist’s vocals everything about it is addicting.

Heading in a different direction and trying a new sound with music is highly risky for an established artist like Galapaghost but he made the right decision experimenting with a new sound.



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Salma Almed

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