GENTS Breaks Through the Winter Fog with “Smoke Machine”

Looking to find some new music to accompany all your New Year’s resolutions? Copenhagen based synth-pop duo GENTS is ready to help you start 2019 right!

The recent release of their song “Smoke Machine” is only a preview of what is yet to come for the band as they prepare to release their second album in 2019. Self-described as “sentimental” and “optimistic,” GENTS marries these two emotions in an upbeat if not slightly nostalgic fashion with “Smoke Machine”.

From the title to the cover art, this song seems to convey a metaphor for life’s intangible aspects and humanity’s never ending yearn to obtain them.

Just as smoke fills and blurs a room with unpredictability, so too does the passing time in our lives. As we leave old eras and habits in search of new, GENTS humbly reminds us that life is what we make of it.

The soothing synth of the vocals paired with the bubbly rhythm featured throughout “Smoke Machine” highlights a sense of inevitability in the struggle between desire and reality while simultaneously comforting listeners that we all face this same battle together.

Going into the transitory time between old and new as we welcome 2019, keep an eye out for album number 2 which is sure to feature more tenderly evocative tunes from GENTS.






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Anna Ernst

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