Gilbert Lee Releases the “Magic Through The Static” With His Latest Album

Taking the risk and producing music that belongs to a genre that isn’t the most popular is what differentiates Gilbert Lee from any other artist. Lee is musically gifted in more than one aspect, vocally and lyrically in addition to his ability to play several musical instruments. Lee showcases his talent in his latest album, an indie rock record under the title “Magic Through the Static.”

With his latest release, the artist is showcasing his many talents. The 7 track record is full of lyrically rich songs, all of which highlight the artist’s soothing voice. Although all of the tracks are purely indie rock, each of them brings a unique element to the album. The tracks, each paired with their own guitar based melody, are a great representation of Lee as an artist.

The album’s opening track “Colored by the Stars” is one of the most memorable songs on the album. Rich lyrically, the song is the perfect way to start the album to introduce the audience to the vibe of the album. Something about the track overwhelms you with a sense of nostalgia, thanks to the calming vibe paired with the song. The track is followed by equally beautiful songs that will make anyone, no matter their music preference, fall in love Lee and his music.

Lee’s music bring something new to the industry. Only two albums into his career and he have already left his mark as an artist and musician.


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Salma Almed

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