Gina Graves Opens Up And Uplifts With “And We Rise”

Gina Graves lets her harmonic vocals shine through in her record And We Rise.

Out of the eleven tracks, track 3 “If You Dare” stands out. It brings out a Graves’ impressive musical abilities. She takes her music as a form of self expression and “If You Dare” is the best example of that. Through her soft soothing vocals and striking songwriting abilities, she delivers her message and transports her strength to her listeners.

The musician’s indie sound is rarely the one topping the charts, but she stills stays authentic delivering her out blend of indie, soft tunes. She lets her lyrics shine by not overshadowing with anything stronger in her tracks. She is a smart musician who delivers unique music, unlike anything ever heard.

Graves gives us eleven tracks, showcasing her versatility but still remaining within her defined sound.

Upon the memorable tracks is the title “And  .” The song sounds like something out of a Disney movie, very soft and strong all at once.

Graves is a talent that deserves recognitionfor her abilities as a musician and an entertainer.


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Salma Almed

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