Hadassah Releases New Music Video for “Visions”

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“Visions” is a recent music video by neo-soul artist Hadassah. The New York based singer channels childhood and culture with this release, contrasting it with the sinful and seemingly distanced adult life she portrays in the video. Her lyrics also do the same to convey remembrance – it’s cooperative art, acting in unison with the visuals, allowing the viewer to fully experience the song.

Hadassah released the video on the two-year anniversary of her mother’s death, stating she “shot this video over a year ago, during a time of confusion. It offers a little glimpse into my past, and although it’s filled with bittersweet nostalgia, I’m proud the Vision’s a little clearer for me now.”

The video featuring clips of home videos, shuffles back and forth between the past and present juxtaposing themes of innocence and wayward. We open up in a dive bar with a performance, with dark and dainty yellow lights. But scenes shift from bedrooms to bathtubs, mostly with the same atmosphere, while showing the presence of band members and a passed out individual (maybe male – but hard to tell by an arm and a leg) you can see the feeling of loneliness in the video. The video captures Hadassah fumbling through drugs, liquor, and presumably sex, while snippets of church, school, sporting events, and other fond childhood moments sift through the now. It repeats the process till a clip with audio cuts the music with the voice behind the camera we can only assume to be her late mother. After that we don’t go back to the present portion of the video.

The song itself is a beautiful moody R&B and jazz single that shows Hadassah prowess as a songwriter. The instrumental is layered with bass synth, sweet piano chords, kick and snare percussion, and background vocals that are soulful and melodic. Hadassah’s vibrato singing captures a feeling of longing just as much as the lyrics express them. Hearing lines about coping and searching, and music being the medium of relief, i.e. “does the music get you by like it does me?” After the first flashback clip with audio however the sound shifts up tempo, maybe even double time; the drums become more hypnotic in their delivery while the singing is more punctual.

Hadassah is a talented on the rise artist and her ability to produce quality music will most likely keep her on the up-and-up. Go check out “Visions” and also the other videos she has up, “Heaven’s Basement” and “Glory Daze”.

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