Hamish Anderson Goes Live With Latest Video For “Breaking Down”

Hamish Anderson makes us fall in love with his latest single “Breaking Down” even more with the release of a live video.

Anderson’s “Breaking Down” follows up to his debut album Trouble, released two years ago, 2016.

“Breaking Down” is a throwback to the rock and roll of the 60’s. The single pays homage to the bands of the yesteryears. The song is extremely energetic as it would be expected from a rock and roll track. It contains the perfect balance between the bass, drums and guitar, but ultimately the artist’s vocals steal the show.

It is understandable why the artist took the 60’s as his inspiration of choice, his vocals perfectly suit that rough soothing sound of the vocalists from back then.

Despite the inspiration coming the a while back, the artist still manages to deliver a fresh track, a sound we initially heard from him and his track.

The musician is teasing his coming album with “Breaking Down.” The track is a taste of what is to come from his highly anticipated album, set to be released in 2019.

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