Henry Metal Creates An Enigma Of A Masterpiece With New EP, “So It Hath Begun”

Remember the times where “bass and drums roared whilst sweet vocals and guitars soared?” Well, Henry Metal does, and he brings it all back to the table. So, pull up a chair, join me at the table, and let’s dig into one of the most interesting artists in metal that I have seen in recent years.

His new EP, So It Hath Begun, is something I’d call an enigma, which doubles as a master piece.  His vocals are something out of this world.  It is booming, yet golden. I’d say it harkens back to vocalists such as Oderus Urungus and Dave Mustaine.  On top of that he offers some really impressive instrumentation. I actually found myself violently head-banging for the first time in a long time.  The world needed this.  I have quite a few favorite picks off of this EP.  I especially like the song “Terrible Driver”, for it supplies tasty riffs and it is comical.  It’s essentially what goes through my head in 5’oclock traffic.  I also highly favor the songs “Wrist is Pissed” and “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”

If you’re a metalhead, or just someone who is looking for new music, then I highly recommend checking out Henry Metal.  You can find his music and show support on his various media pages.  Listen on and head-bang the night away!

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