HUMANS Release An Animated Virtual Reality Masterpiece With New Music Video For “Boys & Girls”

The Vancouver duo HUMANS have released a music video for their single, “Boys & Girls”.  This video is an interactive 360º virtual reality experience, accompanied with this interesting track that was debuted at their Coachella 2016 performance. Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade, wanted “Boys & Girls” to have low techno beat with a gradual build supported by an enthralling whispering vocal that carries throughout he track. They have an indie-electronic sound that keeps people moving along to their songs.

“We wanted something that has the viewer move as he or she is watching. We decided on doing a dance video with a girl dancing in front of you and a guy dancing behind you. Because it’s so new, finding the information on how to make your 2D drawings work in a 3D space was really difficult. We just couldn’t really read about it anywhere and so figuring it out ended up taking longer than animating it.” HUMANS says about the video.

The music video as a whole is interesting. It is trippy with the jumping fish, random body parts, the characters becoming beheaded. For me it seems to be a little too much going on in one video, but they did do an excellent job of keeping the same cool scheme of red, black, and white. If it were to be more colors involved it would be too much for someone too handle.

The song is unique with dashes of indie electro-pop, hints of techno, and can captivate a listener in their feelings that one can experience listening to their tracks. “Boys & Girls” is the song you would listen to at a music festival like Coachella. It makes your body and mind unable to comprehend what is going on. You just dance and move to the beat of the song.

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