Hz Wants You To Know “Baby I’m the One”

Hz’s latest single “Baby, I’m the One” follows her last release, “PIA PIA,” which was released summer of 2017 by the Brooklyn based artist. The track was mixed and mastered by audio engineer Steve Sola, who has worked with authors such as P. Diddy, 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey. With reggae elements, the song fits perfectly into modern pop/club music.

Repetition of the lyrics, “PIA PIA” combined with the easy dance beat make this track an ideal addition to any party playlist. It’s a quick sing-along, and even the lyrics invite the listener to dance when Hz says, “Let her twirl around. Watch her touch the ground.” So throw the track on and get twirling across the dance floor or your bedroom floor (wherever you’re more comfortable). “Baby, I’m the One” is a feel-good, track about the more playful side of romance. From the beat to the vocals, you can picture the teasing game between the artist and the lover.

The song can be found on Spotify; give it a listen.



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Kymberly Krogh

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