Jackie Venson Brings On The Blues With “Rollin and Tumblin”

Jackie Venson releases her new single and video “Rollin and Tumblin.” Venson had been recognized for her polished vocals, sophisticated sound, and stellar guitar skills. Her guitar companion assists her through the tough journey of revealing a hurtful, but dynamic awakening.

Beginning her new single with a sole accent stressed constant note, Venson matches the beat of a stressed and tired heart. Her lyrics intertwine with her blues notes about a woman “searching far and wide… to find another man that won’t hurt me the way you did.” Midway through her song, Venson pours her heart into the guitar solo, letting it paint a story of a woman’s once hidden pain. The accidental strums, during the solo, weaving between sharp and flat strums are brilliant as it aids to Venson’s emotional lyrics. Her voice is calming against the powerful alternating bass, while her lyrics speak a powerful awakening.

Jackie Venson is breaking boundaries through her profound lyrics and blues guitar, bringing us back to reality about what the true meaning of music is. “Rollin and Tumblin” is a blanket for your ears and comfort to the soul’s of those hurting.

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