Jackie Venson Drops Her Newest Release “Flying”

Soul/Pop guitar virtuoso/vocalist, Jackie Venson, drops her new single/live video, “Flying”. She also announced a tour alongside guitar legend, Gary Clark Jr. ahead of her new EP, Transcends, set to release on September 30th!

Her music is blues-y and rock n’ roll that carries the tune about freedom and self-acceptance. Her stage appearance shows joy and excitement as one can see in the video of her performing “Flying”. Her voice is so delicate and very mesmerizing which flows so perfectly as she’s finding all the right notes while playing her guitar. It literally feels like one is “flying” as they listen to her voice because your head can feel like it is in the clouds.

“I wrote this song about universal love, something I feel isn’t explored enough. We need to love ourselves and love others, it’s very important for the cause of peace and unity.” Venson says about “Flying”.

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