Jackie Venson Sets Her Multi-Talented Music Abilities To A Message Of Empowerment With “Cover My Eyes”

Just after her well-received performance at Austin City Limits and nominated for the Austin Music Awards as “Artist of the Year” and performing as the guest guitarist on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, Austin-based soul pop vocalist and guitarist Jackie Venson has released her new single “Cover My Eyes” with an accompanying music video as well.

The message of the song is one about self-empowerment and how we need to uncover our eyes so that we can see and understand what is going on in the world around us so that we are not ignorant to our surroundings. Venson is talented in how she performs this song live by using an automated drum beat that seems to mimic a heart-beat. The electric guitar solo in the song is like Jimi Hendrix’s performance of the “National Anthem” at Woodstock in the ways that they are used as a sound of disruption to symbolize the destruction that is going on in the United States steeped in social justice issues. I like how Venson adds in piano notes as well to add an electric pop sound to the song as well to add contrast between the genres of blues and pop yet simultaneously bringing them together in a corresponding melody that harmonizes well together.

Overall, I resonate with the song in its message of empowerment in yourself and how it is presented through her instrumental harmonies, showing how when things, like people, come together it can make something beautiful such as this song. If you want to encapsulate the feelings of empowerment and revolution within yourself, give “Cover My Eyes” a listen on these streaming platforms. Check out her other social media pages as well.





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