Jada Lee Deals With Issues Of Infidelity In “Star 67”

Born in Maryland, independent up-and-coming indie artist and songwriter Jada Lee is the artist to look out for. As former engineer and co-host of an iHeart Radio college radio show while at Temple University and after opening for Grammy nominated recording artist Jazmine Sullivan, Lee has proven not only how talented she is, but also how prepared she is to pursue a career in music. Lee grew up with her head in music. From singing in her church as a child, something Lee credits as the reason behind her soulful voice, to being part All-Shore and All-State choirs as a child, Lee has always exhibited the skill to make her dreams come true. Although she has changed from gospel to a more sultry genre, her talent has never wavered, as seen through her latest single, “Star 67”.

Lee, who has already released two EP albums and numerous singles, lives up to her reputation with this new single. “Star 67”, with its sassy vocals, soulful feel, and chill instrumental, has the perfect combination for a sexy R&B jam. The single’s title comes from the song’s obvious meaning seen through the lyrics. The lyrics describe the uncomfortable and displeasing feeling of getting a phone call from a woman telling you that your man is actually hers, an annoyance heard through lyrics like, “It’s not my fault/ I got 5 missed calls from a private number/ Calling me, stressing me/ baby you need to talk to your man”.

Along with the song’s obvious meaning, the single also toys with a societal issue of people shaming the person their person cheats with instead of blaming their partner. In the single, Lee sings lyrics like, “And now she’s calling me, blaming me/ For your infidelity”, and, “You see I have morals/ And I don’t like being lied to/ And I ain’t tryna take somebody’s man/ ‘cause I don’t need that kind of karma in my mind”, narrating the side of the woman who is also a victim.

With a voice comparable to the great R&B artists of past like Aaliyah and Mya and at only 22 years old, Lee still has a lot to prove. However, with singles like this one, she has already shown she is willing to do what it takes to be live up to her praise. To listen her single for yourself, go onto Spotify or SoundCloud today.

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