Janelle Nadeau Releases “Star of Night” For The Holiday Season

Despite the decrease in demand on classical music in comparison to pop music, one artist succeeds in blurring the line between the widely favored pop music and the timeless classical music. Janelle Nadeau is a rare gem, aiming to create music unlike what is expected of her. After perfecting the significantly underrated harp, Nadeau chose to share her undeniable talent through a series of albums, the latest released just in time for the holiday season titled “Star Of Night.” The festive album includes 10 unique tracks, some of which are the artist’s own take on Christmas classics like Silent Night.

Only 10 tracks long, the album have given us harp music like never heard before. The record is very soothing, perfect for any occasion. Just by listening to it you become overwhelmed with warmth and calmness. One of the most memorable tracks on the album is the song Peace on Earth, it is one of the rare times where we get to hear Nadeau’s angelic vocals. Her vocals were of course accompanied by the beautiful playing of the Harp, making the song truly a masterpiece.

Nadeau’s talent is undeniable and this album is the perfect proof. Despite her ever expanding list of musical achievements, this album is and will remain topping that list.

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