Jasmine Singh Sends An Uplifting Message With “Journey to the Sun”

Canadian singer, Jasmine Singh, shares with us her new single “Journey to the Sun”. Singh grew up in a in an Indian household in Canada, hip-hop and R&B that was equally balanced with Bollywood and traditional Indian music.

The song starts out nice and slow, but then takes a more upbeat root which is very hypnotizing and powerful. The song conveys an inspirational message for taking chances and being fearless while tracing back roots to the 90’s R&B era.

“It (“Journey to the Sun”) was inspired by this feeling of fear and lack of motivation of doing anything because I failed in the past. I was weighing myself down at the time. This song came out like an uplifting anthem I wrote for myself to get through that dark time and I hope that it resonates with listeners who feel that way. The concept of the journey to the sun, is an analogy for getting one step closer to your goals regardless of what may have happened in the past or the fear of failure. The sun is that place you get to when you feel content/happy with who and where you are in your life. I thought it was fitting as this is my first ever EP, and in a way, it is part of my own journey.” Says Singh.

Singh’s EP, “Journey to the Sun”, is dropping May 18. But for now her single, “Journey to the Sun” is available on Spotify.com for all listeners pleasures!

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