Jelly Ellington Releases New Music Video For “Let Go”

Fiery Austin-based guitarist Jelly Ellington is back with a new music video for his bluesy-rock jam “Let Go” featuring Philly G. Jelly recently dropped his debut LP All In, which has received raving reviews from music blogs and review sites alike, including Indie Band Guru, The Rockpit, and Audible Addixion (covered by yours truly). It’s been described by Indie Band Guru as “unapologetically free,” while Jelly’s guitar skills have been praised in “Set Me Free” by Audio Fuzz, who pose the question, “Ever hear that guitar that is smooth as a placid lake until the solo, at which the dam breaks and the notes pour out?” And finally, music blog Live Music in Austin claim “Jelly is doing things on guitar that are aurally electric, with a voice that somehow floats through the air but cuts sweetly into your heart.”

Now with the release of the new video, which takes on a retro-classic visual vibe, the lifelong musician is sure to receive just as much praise once again. It was released exclusively through Vents Magazine, and you can check it out here and on Jelly’s YouTube channel, linked below. In the video, the artist is seen “walking through the streets of Austin as he sings with bluesy-smooth delivery. Sweet distorted guitars and soaring melody build to the emphatic message of the chorus ‘Let go’.” The single truly displays Jelly’s unique voice and melodic skills, as well as the airy, almost-atmospheric wall of sound accompanying the expert guitar solos. And the sound is enhanced further by the feature of Philly G in the middle of the track. Overall, a smooth jam I can appreciate.

You can check out more information about Jelly Ellington, All In, and “Let Go” by following the links below!

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