Jesse and the Dandelions Express What It’s Like “Not Getting Your Way”

Jesse and the Dandelions just released their latest track “Not Getting Your Way” and it’s a blast from the past. The psyche-pop group, composed of five members, put a twist on 60’s and 70’s psychedelic rock by incorporating modern-pop vocals and sounds.

“‘Not Getting Your Way’ is a song about people who have been handed everything, and how they respond when things don’t go as planned for them,” said frontperson Jesse Northey. “It’s fun to be lyrically cheeky, and mysterious at the same time.”

Along with its meaning, the song’s sound is also unique. The dreamy melodies of psychedelic rock and roll are mixed and mastered to instantly transport you to a place of freedom and serenity.

“Not Getting Your Way” is the perfect precursor to the ingenious sounds the group will be releasing on the upcoming album, Give Up The Gold, set to debut in September.

“Our upcoming album, Give Up The Gold, is enriched with classic synth and guitar textures that pay respect to the past, all while still forging our own path forward,” said Northey.

Just by listening to “Not Getting Your Way” I can assure you that Give Up The Gold will be worth the wait.

“String sections, a cacophonous blend of noise, and heavily layered vocal harmonies push accessible pop hooks into psychedelically complex and intriguing harmonic territory that will reward any longtime listeners with new sonic treats for every repeated spin,” Northey added.

Listen to “Not Getting Your Way” on Soundcloud.

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