Jessicka Shows How The American Dream Is A Thing Of The Past With “Penniless Fools”

Jessicka takes a darker, modern viewpoint on the idea of The American Dream with her new single, “Penniless Fools.” A video filled with vintage vibes and haunting images of a now-dying way of life accompanies an up-tempo tune. The artist says of her style, “I describe the themes in my music as coming of age mixed with coming to terms with reality.” And this idea perfectly encapsulates the journey that her new song follows as the listener reminisces, until forced to confront the idea that what once was, is no longer. The American Dream is part of the past.

The music video takes the viewer back to another time, one where people drove cross-country stopping at cheap, little motels and living simpler lives.  Jessicka writes, “It all started surrounding a visual of an abandoned desert motel. A sort of glamorized death of The American Dream… The nature of it all is so cyclical, the less our jobs pay the less we can afford to pay for our lives.” Beginning with the grainy film-style of the past and transitioning into a hazy, ethereal type of shot, the entire video feels like “a memory gone.” Filming swaps locations from those much like she describes her inspiration to current, busy cityscapes.

Jessicka’s video not only offer an introspective look into the working class of America but also reveal the quirky, interesting facets of this artist’s talent. While she creates thoughtful moments in her video, there is no lack of a vibrant personality throughout her many appearances on camera.

Check out her rad video on YouTube.

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