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JK Kaboyi Brings Home the AfroBeat with “Up N Down”

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Listening to the newest song by JK Kaboyi will undoubtedly have you waving your hands “Up N Down”. It is definitely a song that gets you dancing and moving despite one’s best intentions to “sit this one out”. “Up N Down” is all about body movement and the beat comes from a fusion of the sounds of Africa and the streets of New York. This song is yet another in a long line of “deep beat” melodies that will please some of the most discerning listeners.  This AfroBeat track combines a familiar vibe from “back in the day” and melds to meet a modern sound in “Up N Down”. The video has simple message, keep grooving and enjoy the music. This song is a dance hit, and we can expect “Up N Down” to help pioneer the AfroBeat genre into new heights.

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