Joel Phil Catches The Groove With New Release, “Raise Up”

Joel Phil’s love for music and creating it can be dated back to his youth, as at only 10 years of age he had written and performed a song of his own. Despite his very limited resources due to his rough living conditions, Phil’s love for creating music has overcome it all giving us the artist he is today.

In a music industry where artists usually have to make the choice between a catchy tune or meaningful lyrics, Joel Phil have managed to fulfill the best of both worlds with his single Raise Up. The artist conveys a very empowering message in his track, which he paired with an equally empowering music video that visualizes his lyrics and brings his track to live.

The track is a collaboration between the vocalist, Joel Phil, and some of the biggest names in the industry, producer Jorge A. Holguin and engineers Jaycen Joshua and Kevin Peterson. The combined talents of these different individuals create the masterpiece that is Raise Up, which features background vocals from another undeniable talent, Sebastian Rivera. Rivera’s voice beautifully compliments Phil’s powerful vocals and adds to the song without overshadowing Phil.

The track is the beautiful creation of the artist’s wonderful vocals paired with an unforgettable tune and touching lyrics. It is a great introduction to the artist and his music to anyone who is unfamiliar with his talent. The single’s liveliness and uniqueness reflects the artist’s true persona behind his music, giving us a sense of who he really is.




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