Jonathan Burkett Speaks On The Importance Of “Changes” With Latest Single Featuring Polancapop

Change, although uncomfortable and oftentimes difficult, is a necessary part of any individual’s life. Through his latest single, “Changes” ft. Polancapop, Jonathan Burkett tells us a story about the importance of growth and evolution.

The Florida based hip-hop and R&B artist had a traumatic childhood and it is reflected in his music. Abuse within his household forced him to leave Florida as a child to live with his grandparents in Jamaica.

However, Burkett was forced to return back to Florida by his parents where the abuse continued.

Burkett’s story, although traumatic, is quite inspirational.

He was able to turn the negative experiences of his childhood into inspiration for others. Through “Changes”, Burkett encourages others to keep fighting because things will eventually get better.

The lyrics of the song use strong imagery to captivate listeners. The soulful beats and rhythms add to the rawness of the song.

Burkett credits artists like Tupac, Nas and Bob Marley as musical influences and it is reflected in the style and sound of his latest track.

“Changes” is not only a song you can hear but also one you can feel. Keep a lookout for Burkett and his upcoming projects.

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