Josey Wellz Releases his Debut Record ” I Can’t Help Myself”

Josey Wellz was born in New York City and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.  He just released his debut record, “I Can’t Help Myself”, which consists of six songs about love and life.

Wellz has a new and upbeat hip hop/R&B vibe that instantly puts you in a good mood. He has a way of making a less than desirable situation sound positive and hopeful. For example, his song, “Novocaine”, discusses his desire to be numb after having his heart broken so he doesn’t have to feel pain any longer. He pairs these blue lyrics with a bright and exciting beat that puts a creative spin on a song about heartbreak.

Another song on the album, “You Know”, discusses a woman who catches his eye. It’s a smooth and charismatic track that will have you hooked immediately. It oozes positivity and will get you on your feet!

The album as a whole is a pleasure to listen to. Josey Wellz is definitely the next breakthrough artist to pay attention to. His “clever and witty verses” will make you an instant fan!

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Julia McCormack

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