Jude Scofield Gets Vunerable With His New Single, “Don’t Let Me Die Alone”

Up and coming singer/pianist Jude Scofield has released his first heartfelt single titled “Don’t Let Me Die Alone”. His deep and soulful voice demands attention from the jump. The track is heartfelt, beautiful, and memorable.

Suffering heartbreak, Jude put his pain into words and his emotions into keys. Worried about the idea of dying alone, Jude Scofield belts a catchy and relatable hook that strikes you to your core. Followed behind a slow paced but heavy series of verses. The lyrics are raw, he did not try to over saturate, he only put his untouched feelings on the paper. The moody piano is very gratifying sonically, providing comfort while accompanied by the speaker-necessary drums. The inflections in hit almost every time, But vulnerability was the vision all along

Don’t Let Me Die Alone has all the potential to be a fantastic breakout single with his soulful expressions and relatability, I can see a fan base in the making. You can watch the heartbreaking music video here. Be sure to stream Jude Scofield’s new music on Spotify and keep an eye out for more singles!


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Kyle Alvey

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