Kieran Mercer Heads In A New Direction With “Anarchy”

Can you feel the heat? Old to the Canadian music scene and up and coming to the American music industry, R&B-inspired pop Kieran Mercer has released a new track that both delivers a powerful message and makes you want to get up and dance with, “Anarchy”.

 The lyrics are raw and honest without being too heavy. The flow is light and playful, reminding of you of a warm summer day driving with friends while the windows are down and your hair gracefully flows in the wind. His sound is very similar to Charlie Puth, but with a vintage feel that brings his music to the next level.

Mercer gave his thoughts of the tracks saying, “I’m really excited to kick off my next chapter with ‘Anarchy’. I feel its the perfect introduction to the new direction i’m heading in with these songs. The lyrics really speak to what’s happening in the world today so I feel people won’t have a hard time connecting to it.”

Take a listen to “Anarchy” yourself on YouTube or Spotify today! And if you like want you hear, check out more of his tracks, such as Bang Bang and Hey, Stay and make sure to look out for his four song EP, Fools Gold, due later this year.

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