Kira May Discovers Her Creativity With “Heat”

With an ambience of nature and her gentle voice, Kira May creates a wave of emotions in her new hit “Heat”. The song is about May’s self discovery of the “flow of creativity and vitality through the movement of water in the atmosphere”. May composed, wrote, and helped produce her song about figuring out the balance of impassioned turmoil. The song is soothing and yet I find myself missing every ex-fling I’ve ever had.

In the first couple of lines alone, “You hold the sun down low/Your hands sink in my throat /We melt into the road /Cracked skin and blackened bones”, May’s personal contemplation shines through and grabs onto her audience. The hardships of self-doubt and self-sabotage are battles we all face, but May confronts them head on and reminds those listening you can get through anything by yourself.

Kira May is a big believer and advocate for personal reflection and the ability to learn from our mistakes. She talks openly and honestly about her struggles with anxiety and depression, something that’s controlled her since she can remember. In her new album, Sense, she scrutinizes ideas of her life including “high sensitivity, pleasure, over-stimulation, panic, and depression”.  She wants her listeners and fans to believe in themselves, and the hardship of humanity is something, every single person in the world, struggles with.

May’s new album Sense debuted the 4th and will be on repeat as the temperatures rise, and as my own personal anxiety comes to rest. With her striking features and chiseled jawline, May’s beauty seeps through more than just her lyrics of overcoming intimate hardships and the expressing mental health as something that can and will be a force to be reckoned with.



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Taylor Papadakis

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