Kira May Journeys Through Mental Health With New LP, “Sense”

Kira May is the kind of artist that you did not think you need but you do. With songs that manage to be so contradictory in the way they are candid yet emotional and relate to deep feelings yet feel so physical, Kira is destine to stand amongst the greats. Taking influence from artists like Björk to Steve Reich to Kanye West, Kira May’s sound comes together to create an engaging and all-inclusive palette of sounds.

Kira’s latest LP Sense is described as exploring, “themes of high sensitivity, pleasure, over-stimulation, panic and depression, as well as documenting the ups and downs of her journey towards mental health.” The LP’s single, Heat, has a soft, whimsical sound that becomes even more powerful paired with her strong, dominant voice. However, her music is more than the lyrical meanings. With soft instrumentals flowing smoothly with her voice dominating each track, an old timey feel meets her modern themes to create a moment that forces you to engage with the music. Kira May flaunts mastery of the concept that “less is more” as she uses few words to generate big moments, allowing you to sit back and embrace the words she is singing.

Her mastery of words expands into the titles of the songs, which like the title, all go back to senses- feel, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. With titles like “Taste”, which explores themes of dreadful things being disguised as good things, and “Muscle Memory”, which explores themes of being used to something whether it is right or wrong and these old teachings following us in life, the titles are cleverly chosen to embody a sense. This ongoing metaphor of the senses tie together to display the how our problems come to us like the senses too, inevitably and indescribably. This LP is more than just music, it is about the power music has to make us feel exposes and less alone together.

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