KisMit Joins The #MeToo Movement With New Single, “Panther”

Disco-pop “Panther” by KiSMiT sure gets the listeners attention addressing an issue that is not brought up enough. It tackles an issue that most women face day to day, but most feel afraid to speak about it. Victims of sexual assault.

A real-life experience actually accured to the KiSMiT vocalist, Carly, which inspired the song.

“Hopefully the song speaks for itself but a lil context never hurt anyone. So, my butt got grabbed a week after the women’s march and it was a boiling point for me. 26 years of Alanis Morissette angst came pouring out into this song, the main lyric being “I’m the panther, not the prey”. With the Weinstein story buzzing around and the #MeToo Facebook sharing that’s happening at the moment, we have never released something so reflective of the current political climate and I couldn’t be happier that this track (a year in the making) is finally ready for the world to hear. I feel strongly about Basti & I being in a musical partnership and men being apart of this conversation. When I initially wrote this song, I had my doubts as to his way into this message but it’s as much his baby as mine and I think that’s a really cool angle in the midst of our current day feminist movement. We are only going to move forward if both sexes have a seat at the table for equal rights, understanding and sympathy for the other’s experience.” Carly says.

The lyrics clearly do not hold back on the mood of the song, “I’m the panther, not the prey,” stands out the most.

Not one does the song get a message across, it is an upbeat song with a great beat and excellent vocals. Maybe because of this song more artists will release songs similar to issues that they face, but turning them into a positive one like how “Panther” is. It faces the issue head on, but with upbeat tempos and strong vocals it makes it a very enjoyable song for the listener!

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