Kitsuna’s “Don’t Forget” is Simultaneously Innovative and Nostalgic

Kitsuna is an artist based in Toronto, Canada whose name is derived from Kitsune, the Japanese word for “the fox”as it is depicted in fables and stories. In these stories, they are attributed with extraordinary abilities that continue to expand and grow as they get older. A chilling comparison can be drawn between Kitsuna and his namesake.

Kitsuna is his own songwriter, producer and singer, a triple threat that is not usually seen in the world of Alternative R&B. The chilling cover art for his newest single, “Don’t Forget” sets the tone for a dark and reflective track.

When comparing his new single, “Don’t Forget,” to his older work, Kitsuna’s growth is apparent. He comes across as more confident in both his singing and production on this new single, which is evident by the numerous pitch changes and the interesting switches that take place in the production.

The coherent story on the track, is something that I am a huge fan of. Kitsuna implores his love not to let their relationship fade away and to remember all of the good times they shared together. Rather than absolving them both of blame, he takes some responsibility and wonders if there is anything they could have done to prevent them from arriving to their current point. He states that if their relationship does not return to a good place, he will have to let go, even if it is not what he wants to do.

“Don’t Forget” walks the line between being very nostalgic and something completely new,echoing the claims that his music is “classic and modern, familiar and unfamiliar.”

The words, melodies and ad libs themselves are reminiscent of songs popularized by boy bands and vocal groups, while the productions uses less raw instruments than these groups would have. Still, parts of the production, specifically the guitar breakdown, are similar to pop and rock records from the ‘80s and ‘90s, like Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” and George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” The combination of these, plus Kitsuna’s unique electronic, synth sound, makes the track sound both like a step into the past and a leap into the future.

To listen to Kitsuna’s new single from his upcoming full length project and to stay up to date on all future releases, check out the social media links below.





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