Knifey Releases Something Special For A Summer With “Rio”

Knifey has just released their new summer song Rio. This track comes off of the band’s debut LP, which will be released on September 29th.

It’s a track about romance in an idyllic town, where the sea is close and where you can’t help but run into old friends at every turn. Cutting through the song’s bouncy rhythm, the lead guitar is blurred in a reverb haze like summer eyes after a long day in a chlorine pool. Descending chromatic runs and a tinge of minor keys give the song that quintessential surf vibe. The song’s essence is the carefree, laid back bliss the seaside evokes in all of us. No schedules, no plans.” the band says about their new hit,  Rio.

It is the perfect summer jam. As the band says it is a song that is carefree and totally laid back, which is how summer is for most people. The song is that perfect combination of surf-punk. It’s very mellow but it also has that rocker vibe to it which makes it so enjoyable to listen to.

Rio is a reflection of what brought the band together in the first place. In frustration, our music calls out for a more simple life free from the tedious complications of the modern world. In that sense, at our core we are optimistic, and it is that optimism that is the real driving force behind the sound.” the band says again about Rio.

Rio is available for listeners and reviewers at SoundCloud and their LP will be released on September 29th, so be on the look out for more carefree songs and surf-punk vibes from Knifey!

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Kristen Calderoni

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