Kristeen Young Let’s Us Know About Her “These Are The Things I’m Not The Most” With Her Latest Track/Video

NYC-based, eclectic, operatic-punk piano artist, Kristeen Young has released the video/track, “These Are the Things I’m Not the Most”, via Consequence of Sound, from her upcoming album, Live at the Witch’s Tit, which is out September 15.

Her last album feared Dave Grohl on the drums, from the Foo Fighters also she has appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and has received praise for her music from Billboard and NYLON.

Young’s upbringing was not easy, it was “nightmarish” as she describes being in adoptive and foster homes. Songwriting was her way of escaping this nightmare of her. It is clear that her sound and style of writing portrays in this trauma she endured.

“These Are the Things I’m Not the Most” tells this story in a kind of a bizarre way, but the images shown in the music video strike to the audience. In the beginning of the video there is a brief prologue that incorporates visuals from another, forthcoming video. This small clip is very, very bloody and pretty scary in fact. It leaves the audience with an impact, it’s as if you want to see what is going to happen next.  Throughout the song it changes between pop and hip-hop tones and Young changing through sheer outfits, later, and eye-catching makeup between preaching her message from a podium.

“These Are the Things I’m Not the Most’,  is somewhat my life story or the core of who I am. The verses talk about how it was growing up in a foster home (eventually adopted by these foster parents) where I was never welcomed (to put it mildly) and a bit of what it was like for me in the neighborhoods and at school — not really fitting in anywhere for various reasons. The intro to this song is about some groups of people … no matter what they do, what incredible, world changing moments they achieve will never be “let in” or seen or validated by the people who control — the same people who’ve controlled for centuries.” says Young about her video and track.

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