Kylie Odetta Releases Hit Single “STRESS” From New EP

The super talented 19 year-old Kylie Odetta has always been able to access a musical maturity for someone her age. At the age of six she was playing the piano perfectly and by 12 she was recording her own music with her own style. As of now, she has opened up for Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait, and Mat Kearny.

Her style is slow burning, jazz-tinged indie pop that gives a really old school Alicia Keys vibe. Her vocals are super strong yet controlled over the warm piano-and-brass. A song off her EP, Undertow, “STRESS” is the perfect example of just how strong her vocals are combined with the jazz/indie pop vibe. The song is powerful, dreamy, and full of passion. It incorporates the piano and raspy vocals that draws the listener in.

Odetta’s goal is to create music that enhances the beauty of emotion, which she clearly does on her EP. Her music is very mellow-yet very inspiring. Which is the whole vibe of the entire EP.

Undertow was released on May 19th and is available on SoundCloud. Odetta has gained a lot of attention with her music. Nothing but being possibly featured on other promotion sites and opening up for other artists in the future!

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