Late Sea Creates A Hauntingly Captivating Music Video For “Ring The Bells”

Brooklyn based avant-rock band, Late Sea, will be releasing their visual EP later this fall.

Late Sea is most known for their visually stunning projects, which have granted them the prestigious Kevin Spacey Artist of Choice Award.

Band members Izzy Gliksberg, Sam Nester, Graham Dobby, and Kalen Lister have mastered the talent of seamlessly blending music and visuals time and time again.

Late Sea’s newest video, Ring The Bells, is wonderfully haunting and captivating. Their extreme attention to detail has made this video a must see. Ring The Bells follows a man through New York City as he discovers a way to demolish language.

With the help of a crystal cube, a man is single handedly responsible for words and images vanishing all over the city. Tourists in Times Square star in awe as they watch billboards go blank and words disappear from signs. Someone isn’t fond of this mans actions and follows him through the city to seek revenge.

Ring The Bells is beautifully executed and its mystery is enhanced by the dark and brooding lyrics that correspond. You don’t want to miss this installment of the highly anticipated, “The Writers Trilogy”.

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Julia McCormack

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