Laughed The Boy Introduces “Halfway” Just In Time For Summer

Just in time for summer, Laughed the Boy introduces their new single “Halfway.” The band started with the passion of two brothers, Sean and Chris. Their bassist Brennan later joined them, and thus the journey began. After the release of an EP, the group took to the road touring their new tunes and writing their first full album. They will continue to tour over the next year while writing their sophomore record.

Just the opening of “Halfway” draws listeners into the music. Haunting guitar sets a trippy, ethereal standard that continues throughout the song. The track gives subtle hints of modern garage rock, some psychedelic 60’s vibes, and elements of bands such as the Eagles; none of which overwhelm the originality of the sound. Clear vocals mix seamlessly into the groovy instrumentals to makes a cohesive, easy listen.

As the title suggests, the song is about meeting in the middle. Chris, the band’s songwriter says, “The general concept for the track came from a notepad full of jotted thoughts that I aimlessly scribbled throughout shifts at my day job – an unexpected bout of inspiration.” His lyrics follow a train of thought that many of us have experienced at one time or another. Things like “hate making decisions on my own.” Basically, I will be listening to this song on repeat for the next few months.

Here are a plethora of options for your listening pleasure: BandCamp / SoundCloud / Spotify.


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Kymberly Krogh

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