Lavender Fields Gets Into A New Realm Of Creativity With New EP, “Gravitude”

Lavender Fields, a Los Angeles based producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, has recently released her self-produced EP “Gravitude” with the single “Presence Dub” appearing on it as well.

Fields started her musical journey in the classical genre. She morphs sounds into her music that she is inspired by such as Bob Marley, Tchaikovsky, and Flying Lotus which lead her into experimenting with sound on a Moog synthesizer.

Fields also obtains outside inspiration from nature, her personal travels, and different cultures that she is exposed to. By using field recordings and analog synths into her sound, it adds a uniqueness to her that stands out within the music industry.

Overall though, Fields wants to raise people’s spirit through her music and help improve their living conditions by practicing veganism, showing her compassion for nature and to be a part of the solution for global warming that impacts everyone’s lives.

The EP is very melodic. The cover art is the perfect imagery to represent the hypnotic sounds that gives you a musical high, leaving you in the clouds that you don’t come down from until the song is over.

She makes me think of if Lana Del Rey had a younger sister who’s more into the vibrations, feelings, and emotions of the sounds produced from musical instruments than simply vocals like classical music.

The single “Presence Dub” is the longest song on the EP, six minutes, with Fields sending the listener on a trip through her mind with vocals that aren’t present in her other two songs, seeming to allow entrance into a place not many people get to see simply through her vocals and instrumentation.

If you find yourself more into musical instrumentation than vocals, check out Lavender Fields’s EP “Gravitude” and check out her social media platforms as well.





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