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LBezzle Has Something to Say with His Newly Debuted “Mad At Us” Video

Screenshot_2016-07-25-09-08-18-1Genre: Rap/Hip-hop

Location: New Brunswick, NJ, USA



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LBezzle is from New Brunswick, NJ and right now he has a sound like no other.  He is not afraid to tackle real issues which are part of today’s culture and the issues that happened in his personal life as well. He has put that experience into words and used these words to give us a look into his world and his most intimate thoughts.

His newest single “Mad at Us” reflects his passion for speaking out and gives us a glimpse into a great artist’s mind on social issues along with personal trials and tribulations. Debuting his music video for this he conveys his message on a very personal and intimate setting to create a message we can’t help but open our ears and receive.

LBezzle has honed his lyricism and reached amazing heights with his words. He continues to defy the odds by speaking out about the evils he sees in the world. He goes above and beyond hooks and makes sure you get the most out of his verses. He uses lyrics to tell a story that happens over and over again. His fearless actions in the face of the persecution that he felt is phenomenal. As a true lyricist, he jams on the strength of words like others use beats. “Mad at Us” will stick with you long after the song is over and will be sure to reverberate.

LBezzle is a unique new and upcoming artist that has a different outlook on life shaped by his childhood in New Jersey and uses that to benefit all who listen to his words. This up and coming artist has a lot to offer the world with his music. His turn is coming and until then, “Mad at Us” is the enough to keep us satisfied and the video to keep us watching this rising lyricist.

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